West Sound Treatment Center is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit, and the only organization in Kitsap County that provides people with a recovery-oriented network of care that includes chemical dependency treatment, supportive housing, personal case management, life-skills development, educational navigation and job seeking training, individual mental health counseling, and critically needed coordinated re-entry services for those exiting the Kitsap County Jail. Our professional team models the ideals that we teach, including respect, empowerment, and the value of being of service to each other and the community at large.

WSTC creates progressive and innovative programs that directly respond to the barriers experienced by our participants.  We believe that everyone is capable of change when given the opportunity. Our programs support learning healthy habits, developing resiliency, and achieving self-sufficiency, thereby improving the lives of our participants and restoring hope that they can be successful, productive members of our community.