The Sanctuary Model by Sandra L. Bloom

West Sound Treatment Center is in the process of integrating The Sanctuary Model S.E.L.F. Group Curriculum into the current group process addressing trauma. (Safety, Emotions, Loss, Future). This program aligns with the ideas of ACEs, (Adverse Childhood Experiences), “addressing the fundamental surrounding exposure to violence without needing to focus on the specific events within the group setting” (, 2019).

S.E.L.F is a psychoeducational experience designed to not stigmatize the injured individual but give a better understanding, empathetic, between a client and caregiver. “The Self Psychoeducational Group Curriculum is designed to provide clients and staff with an easy-to-use and coherent cognitive framework that can create a change momentum” (, 2019).

WSTC is excited to present this evidence based non-linear method for addressing very complex challenges within the next month. A more solid date of implementation will be posted soon.

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