Home Depot Donates to Recovery House

We announced a while back that the Home Depot Foundation was donating some closet organizers and cabinets for our recovery house for women and children. And now they’ve arrived!

This is a big deal for the women and children who live there. While we have made the bedrooms of this sober living home nice — including a number of recent renovations and repairs — it doesn’t have adequate closet space.

Imagine moving into a room in a shared house with your belongings and not having a rack to hang your blouses on, or an out-of-the-way place to store your valuables. It’s not as easy to settle in and get comfortable when you’re living out of a suitcase. However temporary their stay (around seven months is average, but it can vary widely between one month and 24), we want the residents of O’Hana House to feel at home.

We appreciate the generosity of Home Depot, and the time and energy of the volunteers who assembled the organizers in the bedrooms for us! This is another great example of how the community supports recovery. Thank you so much!

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