Jaksyn Thomas


Danika “Jaksyn” Thomas, Director of Information Technologies and Human Resources Liaison, came to West Sound Treatment Center as a volunteer in July, 2015. “Going through a number of life changes, WSTC very quickly became like a family to me, and believed in me when I was struggling to believe in myself. As a result, I continue to grow.” Jaksyn became an employee in June, 2016. Her extensive IS&T background started at a very young age, and comprises of a combination of formal training and on-the-job experience. Jaksyn has worked for multiple agencies such as Bechtel, GeekSquad and Bremerton Bottling Company, and she currently holds an active PC Pro Certification. This diverse background has allowed her to expand and serve many different areas within the agency. She is passionate in providing administrative and technical support to the entire team to combat the disease of addiction.