Vocational Rehabilitation and Support Services

Funded by a SAMHSA Substance Abuse Block Grant

Qualifying WSTC clients can now receive vocational rehabilitation and support services assistance with Nakita Schoenbaechler and Libby McCaskey.

Nakita and Libby are ready to help!

From ideas & tips on problem-solving to assistance developing job and/or life skills.

WSTC clients can email or call:

Nakita.S@wstcs.org, Libby.McCaskey@wstcs.org, (360) 876-9430

An SUDPT with lived experience, Nakita provides services to clients who need support in gaining control of their lives and their recovery process, such as help understanding a treatment schedule, considering short- and long-term goals or other recovery-related needs, or even just to talk about their sobriety to someone who listens with empathy.

Libby is the WSTC telehealth counselor, and she is available to help clients with resume building, job searches, budgeting, and online applications for school.

For vocational rehabilitation supports, when clients need work supplies or materials, interview supplies or materials, professional licensing or credentialing, and GED testing or materials, Nakita can help to complete applications or cover related fees or purchases.


Clients who struggle with social anxiety may go to Nakita for assistance with intercommunication tasks that they struggle with. For example, if a client had anxiety about going to get a Social Security card, she could go along with them (providing *transportation, if needed) to help ease that anxiety over the task.


*Transportation is another key piece of the support that clients may access through this program. This includes transport needs such as a ride to a job interview, but it could also include assistance with getting vehicle tabs or insurance renewed.