As we move into 2021 West Sound Treatment Center is continuing to provide all services to it’s participants during the Covid-19 crisis through telehealth. All group facilitation remains 100% telehealth, however, we can facilitate 1×1 sessions in person such as assessments, intakes, other individual sessions, and of course, UA’s. We are committed to the safety and well being of our clients and our community and continue to follow state mandates for social distancing and face coverings.  Please remember to bring your mask when you come to the facility.  We do have some available on-site if needed. When you UA, please remember to ring the bell to cue the receptionist and line up on the six foot markers on the sidewalk. Please call 360-876-9430 to enroll, or submit an application for services through the get help link above.

ADIS Classes

Alcohol and Drug Information Classes (ADIS) will resume at West Sound starting March 20th, 2021 and then the first three Saturdays of each month at one of our three locations.  Please call our main line for more information.


West Sound is in process of moving the Administrative Offices to 4040 Wheaton Way Ste 112 which is just across the parking lot from our current location.  This move will allow the clinical space needed to begin building our new Mental Health Services.  Check back for more details as they unfold.

A place to gather and make new positive memories...

WSTCS would like your support in assisting to construct a gazebo, to benefit the women and children’s home which will serve as a gathering place for shared meals.
If you would like to donate clothing, food items, or other goods, or to volunteer your time, please call for more information:  360-876-9430