Alcohol and Drug Information School

2023 Class Schedule

Unless otherwise indicated, all of our classes are held the first Saturday of each month from 8:00 am to 5:00 pm, and the cost is $200. The classes are rotated between our three offices:


  • Jun 3 – Bremerton
  • Jul 8 – Poulsbo
  • Aug 5 – Port Orchard

Over this 8-hour course, WSTC provides valuable information about:

  • How drugs and alcohol affect the mind and body
  • How to recognize signs of addiction
  • How to take steps toward better decision-making
  • How alcohol and drugs could be affecting your family, job and well-being
  • How changes occur in stages and how to recognize what stage you are in
  • What the laws are and the legal consequences for breaking them
  • What assistance is available for making changes

By the conclusion of the course, you’ll have the knowledge to make responsible decisions regarding alcohol and other drug use.