Outpatient & Intensive Outpatient Programs

WSTC’s Intensive Outpatient program offers group and individual services of 10-12 hours a week. Individuals in this program are able to participate in treatment in the morning or at the end of the day. As a part of Intensive Outpatient treatment, active participation in 12-step programs is encouraged.


WSTC’s Outpatient treatment is ideal for people who are motivated to stop using their substance of choice but require the flexibility of a program that will fit their schedules and help build their relapse prevention skills.


WSTC also offers services for consumers on Medically Assisted Treatment. These services are designed to focus on the behaviors of addiction, partnering with prescribers and helping the consumer re-integrate with society.


WSTC will be offering harm reduction and interim services designed to meet each consumer where they are in their addiction and help pilot their path to recovery whether that be to standard outpatient services or inpatient services.

Health Insurance:

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Outpatient & Intensive Outpatient Programs