Meet the WSTC Supporting Staff

Drug Court

Stephanie Smith pic

Stephanie Smith, SUDP: Drug Court Coordinator


My name is Stephanie Smith. I am a Substance Use Disorder Professional and currently hold the position of Drug and Veterans Court Coordinator at West Sound Treatment Center. I have been working with Kitsap County’s therapeutic courts for a couple years and really enjoy my position. I am passionate about helping the underserved and underrepresented members of our community. Unfortunately, there are not enough pipeline-style programs to help transition folks from incarceration to the community. My position allows me to do that in a seamless way that is beneficial to the person and to the community. In May 2021, I graduated summa cum laude from Washington State University with my bachelor’s degree in science, including a major in psychology and a minor in sociology. I plan to attend grad school to get a master’s degree in mental health as my ultimate career goal is to be dual credentialed in substance use disorder and mental health treatment. I aspire to continue on and get a doctoral degree after that – I am a committed lifelong learner. In my free time, I enjoy binge watching true crime shows and spending time with my three children, ages 5, 6, and 14.


Le’Roy Smith Jr., SUDP: Assistant Drug Court Coordinator


My name is Le’Roy Smith Jr. I am a Substance Use Disorder Professional working in the field of chemical dependency since April 2018. I started with West Sound Treatment Center in April 2018. Prior to WSTC, I worked as a clinician in a Medical Assistant Treatment (MAT) program and a behavioral health program in Seattle, WA. I have an Associate Degree with a Certificate of Proficiency in Chemical Dependency and I also hold a Certificate of Recognition in Human Services-Case Aide from Olympic College. I am a Phi Theta Kappa member. I am a veteran of the United States Navy and have a personal history with a Substance Use Disorder. My passion for the position of a clinician comes from my own personal history of alcohol and substance abuse. Working in Seattle made me realize that I needed to be doing more for the community in which I live, Kitsap County, and where I have strong personal ties with the recovery community. I believe the only reason anyone should be looking down on another person is due to them offering that person a helping hand up or out of whatever has gotten them down.


Rebecca Carr, MA

COMPASS Educational Vocational Navigator


My name is Rebecca Carr. I completed my Master’s Degree in Psychology, Mental Health, and Co-occurring Disorder in 2008 through Antioch University Seattle, and I’m also trained and certified in MRT and MRT Trauma, which are therapy approaches that directly target specific behavioral issues such as those that are common among SUD populations. I worked eight plus years as the Kitsap County Adolescent Coordinator before starting a position with West Sound Treatment Center. For three years I have been contracted though Kitsap County Drug Court as their Compass Ed Voc Navigator. I work hard to assist individuals to eliminate any barriers they may have to be successful in the Drug Court Program and beyond. I enjoy working with the drug team, the community, and the participants I assist daily.

Recovery, Empowerment, Advocacy, & Linkage (REAL) Program

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Outreach Support/Care Manager


Camden Suhay Staff pic

Camden Suhay, SUDPT: Care Manager


Hello, my name is Camden, I am a Care Manager for the REAL Team at West Sound Treatment Center. I currently have a master’s in addiction counseling and was a clinician for over 3 years. I am a person in long-term recovery with many years lived experience with alcohol and other substance abuse. I have also experienced homelessness at different points in my life, as a youth, as an adult in my active use and in recovery too. I have a passion for connecting with others, for loving them until they can love themselves, and for walking beside them while they break barriers they may be facing in life. My goals are to help empower others by sharing my experience, spreading hope and connecting others to the resources needed in order for them to reach their goals.

Lindsay 2

Lindsay Devitt: Peer Recovery Coach


My name is Lindsay Devitt. I am a Peer Recovery Coach for the REAL Program at West Sound Treatment Center. I have worked many years in customer service and have always had a gift for connecting with people. I love doing outreach, making connections within my community, and working to take the stigma off those asking for help with mental health. When I am not in the office or doing outreach, I’m at home with my two kids. I love cooking and laughing with my littles.


Michelle staff pic

Michelle Vargo: Peer Recovery Coach


Hello! My name is Michelle Vargo. I am a Peer Recovery Coach for the REAL Program. I have many years of lived experience, and I look forward to sharing my personal experiences while breaking down the barriers and filling the gaps to help other people see that there is hope and that people do genuinely care. To me this is not a job; it is my passion.


Carlos Lopez, SUDP: New Start Recovery Counselor

My name is Carlos Lopez. I am a Substance Use Disorder Professional. I have lived in Washington state since I was 11 years old. After graduating from high school, I became involved with counseling while attending Olympic College and finding sobriety. I continued my education from Western Washington University. In 2019, I graduated with a bachelor’s degree in Human Services. I have been a part of this community for over 20 years and value healthy, safe communities. I continue to aid my community as a counselor and find this field very rewarding. In my spare time I enjoy outdoor activities, art, listening to music, and spending time with friends and family.

Recovery Counselors


Cynthia Brady, SUDPT

Port Orchard

My name is Cynthia Brady. I am a Recovery Counselor at West Sound Treatment Center in Port Orchard, Washington. I was born in Pasco, Washington. I obtained my associates of arts & sciences degree at Olympic College in Human Services with an emphasis on Chemical Dependency Professional Training in Bremerton, Washington. While there I obtained a certificate in Case Aide, Manufacturing Technology and Chemical Dependency Professional Services. I obtained my bachelor’s degree at University of Washington in Interdisciplinary Arts and Sciences with an emphasis on Ethnic, Gender and Labor Studies in Tacoma Washington. My professional goals are to continue to strengthen my community by affecting change in the lives of those impacted by drugs, the criminal justice system, poverty, homelessness, racial discrimination, and barriers that prevent social and economical growth and advancement. My personal goals are to build up and empower the lives I meet by encouraging others, sharing knowledge, information, and wisdom that comes from a Power Greater than myself, whom I choose to call GOD. My hobbies consist of reading, writing, cooking, and refurbishing old furniture etc. I love to see lives change for the better and one of my favorite quotes is: “Be the Change You Want to See.”

Tammy Burnham staff pic

Tammy Burnham, SUDPT

Port Orchard

I got a late start in life in the career that I wanted. I am so thankful and blessed. I get up every morning praying that my journey with my own addiction and recovery will one day help to change the life of another person. That would make it all worth it.

Gina Leiss staff pic

Gina Leiss, MLIS, SUDPT


My name is Gina Leiss. I work as a Substance Use Disorder Trainee in the Poulsbo office. After working for many years as a librarian and medical researcher, I decided to turn my curious drive toward recovery in order to serve my community and fellow humans. I’m passionate about advancing addiction care by both pursuing the science and spreading the message of empathy and compassion.

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Allison Barkhurst, SUDPT

Port Orchard


Joaquin Antoine, SUDPT

Port Orchard

My name is Joaquin Antoine. I am an Okanogan First Nations husband and father of eight. After my addictions and bad choices led to gangs and incarceration, I was blessed with the chance for a new life. I graduated from Northwest Indian College with my AAS, Bates Technical College with an AAT, Tacoma Community College with a Chemical Dependency Professional Certification, and The Evergreen State College Native Pathways Program with a bachelor’s degree. My passion and reason for helping is to help people heal and raise healthy and happy families. In my free time, I work on my family farm and raise turkeys, geese, ducks, and chickens.

Libby McCaskey staff pic

Libby McCaskey, SUDP: Telehealth Counselor

My name is Libby. I’ve been practicing substance abuse counseling for 3 years and earned my education at Olympic College. I have a passion for helping clients understand what caused them to turn to using in the first place. I am a firm believer that addiction is just a symptom of a larger, underlying issue. I look forward to working with the clients of West Sound Treatment Center!

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Kayla Moky, SUDPT


Hi, my name is Kayla Moky and I am an SUDPT at West Sound Treatment Center in Bremerton. I was born and raised in Chicago, IL, and recently moved to Washington this past year with my spouse who is in the military. I am currently receiving my BA in Alcohol and Drug studies from Minnesota State University, Mankato. I played collegiate softball for the University and once COVID took over, I decided to finish my last year online while moving out to Washington. I am passionate in helping people, and work to connect with each diverse individual. I strive to share my knowledge with others while empowering them. I am here to listen and empathize with each personal experience that is presented to me. In my free time, I enjoy spending time with my dog, friends, and family.


Kelly Richardson, SUDPT


My name is Kelly Richardson. I am a current, full-time student pursuing a Human Services associate’s degree. Since obtaining my Substance Use Disorder Professional Trainee certificate, West Sound Treatment Center has provided me the opportunity to intern and learn how to support and treat individuals suffering from substance use disorders. I believe we, in society and as a culture, need to end the stigma associated with substance use disorders by providing ethical, compassionate, and effective care to people suffering from all disorders. After completing my required education and training, I look forward to supporting those in my community and helping them receive the care they need and deserve. I have a special interest in sociology and psychology. Learning about people and how the brain works is so fascinating to me. In my free time I enjoy doing arts and crafts, spending time with my family, and exploring the Pacific Northwest.


Joepeter staff pic

Peter Gacutan: Accounting Clerk


Office Assistants


Poulsbo OA: Betsy Lusby

In addition to managing the office at Poulsbo and keeping things running smoothly here, I also enjoy gardening and baking.



Bremerton OA: Annette Johnson

My name is Annette Johnson. I have a lifetime of experience with people and helping others for as long as I can remember. I have worked in various fields such as hospitality, human services, communications and for a moment I was even a carney. Although my degree is in the Arts and Sciences, I have found that I am passionate about people and assisting those going through SUD treatment since my own recovery started in 2006.  All these experiences have shaped me into the person I am today.

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Port Orchard OA

Housing Case Management

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Housing Case Manager

Schuyler staff pic (2)

Housing Case Manager: Schuyler Page

IT Specialist


Kevin Brown: PC Parts & Service

My name is Kevin Brown. As the owner of PC Parts & Service, I strive to provide the best IT support and consulting for West Sound Treatment Center so they can provide the best service to their clients. I am proud to have been working with West Sound Treatment Center since 2020, and I hope that my services can help West Sound Treatment Center continue to provide world-class services and support for all of those that depend on them.

Social Media Coordinator and Content Writer


Beth Wilson, MLIS

My name is Beth Wilson. I’m the Social Media Coordinator and Content Writer for West Sound Treatment Center. I believe our society needs a greater awareness about mental and behavioral health. Joining WSTC allows me to share the stories and struggles, the data, and the needs of this population with the community and promote conversation that helps overcome the challenges that stem from a lack of communication and understanding.