Adopt Someone in Treatment

Funding is ever changing for services we provide.  With changes in the Substance Abuse Block Grant West Sound is no longer able to provide needed assistance to many of our clients for things such as driver’s license reinstatement, ID cards, work clothes and supplies, rental assistance, and transportation costs to and from drug and alcohol inpatient centers. There is also a need to provide treatment service for uninsured until clients can obtain some sort of funding source.  Through a special low-level treatment track a donation of just $200 would allow this population treatment services for one month while we work with the client to find other sources to pay for care.  Please call our main number for donation. 

Support West Sound’s Operational Budget

West Sound is asking for support in our General Operating budget to off-set unforeseen costs and to enhance employee benefits.  Our staff works hard bringing services to a hurting  population. West Sound offers Major Medical to staff only and this is very costly to the agency.  Any donation to sure up our insurance fund would be appreciated.  A gift of just $5000 would enable us to begin a 401K program for the staff which is the initial buy-in.  Once implemented match would be offered yearly depending on revenue streams.  Your help with these needs allows West Sound to invest other funds in the clients we serve and improving our community. Please call our main number for donation.

Give Without Spending Money

If you would like to donate clothing, food items, or other in-kind donations, please email our Chief of Development, OR dial (360)881-7882.

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