Shopping To Fight Addiction

Many retailers make donations to nonprofits through shopping rewards programs based on their customers’ preferences. You may have heard of the Amazon Smile program, which donates 0.5% of the amount of your purchase to the charity of your choice?

Well, Fred Meyer has a similar program! If you’ve signed up online and you have a rewards card, you can go to, select the dropdown menu on the left and choose My Account, then Community Rewards at the bottom of the list on the right (or just click on the link here) to learn how to make your purchases count toward a donation that will help West Sound. You can search for us by “West Sound Treatment Center”  or by the number, EW536. Then, when you use your loyalty card, Fred Meyer will donate to us based on a percentage of your spending!

It’s an easy way to partner with WSTC as we continue the fight to end addiction and homelessness. 


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