Keys to Recovery

A person who chooses recovery does it over and over because it’s a process, not an event. But what does it take to keep making the choice?

According to SAMHSA, it takes hope, because people in recovery need to believe that they can overcome the challenges of addiction. It takes relationships – families, friends, peers – because they need support and love from people who care about them. It takes a stable, safe home because they can’t focus on recovery while worried about where they will sleep and whether they will be harmed. And, it takes purpose, which may involve a job or other activity that provides the means of self-supporting and maintaining independence.

A table full of keys symbolizes the keys to recovery

Hope, relationships, home, and purpose: We all need them, whether or not we are consciously making the choice every day to be in recovery.

People who are missing one of these keys and struggling with recovery need to reach out for help (a major step in the process!), and people who know someone in recovery need to reach out to make sure they have what they need to succeed. Why? Because we are a community. We are interlocking pieces of a social group, and we belong to each other. The person who is struggling today may be the person who rescues a thousand tomorrow if only they get the support they need to clear this hurdle.

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