Values: Tools You Can Use for Recovery

Values are important recovery tools.

They’re also important life qualities, for that matter, because values are the theories, beliefs or attitudes that act as guiding principles for our behaviors. The values we hold dear may also be what give us the strength, courage, and stamina to stay true to our recovery journey. Or, our values could lead us back to risky and addictive behaviors, even though ostensibly, we want to stop.

A row of tools, representing the values that can make or break a recovery journey

With recovery hanging in the balance, it’s critical to identify your own personal values and evaluate whether they’re the type that will improve your chances of beating addiction. Cultivating anti-addictive values can strengthen your commitment to your recovery journey. But what values have the most anti-addictive properties?

Friendships; Family; Relationships; Health; Fitness; Activity; Community; Career success; Hard work; Personal Achievement; Mindfulness; Consciousness; Awareness; Education; Enlightenment; Responsibility; Integrity; Self-respect…

These values and others like them provide focus and motivation to overcome the desire to fall back on unhealthy behaviors. You may leverage your values for recovery success by listing your top three and noting how substance use could jeopardize them – or has jeopardized them in the past.

Values aren’t the only recovery tools, of course. One of the goals of treatment is to provide you with range of tools so you always have a method of coping with whatever challenges come your way. To get started on your recovery journey, call us at 360-876-9430 or click on this link to contact us through the website.

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